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  • How to Buy Health Insurance

If you have ever been turned down for health coverage due to a pre-existing condition find out what you can do as well as see what providers we have that would love to work with you! Read More

  • Dealing with Pre-Existing Conditions

Shopping for insurance is already complicated enough, but when you have a pre-existing condition finding the right insurance policy can start to feel hopeless. It is important that you find an insurance policy that will provide you with an adequate amount of coverage.Read More

  • Getting Healthcare After Cancer

After you have been diagnosed with cancer, money is probably not your top priority. However, it is important that you understand the role that money and your health insurance can play in your recovery from cancer.Read More

  • Healthcare for the Self-Employed

Working for yourself may seem like a dream come true! But searching for health insurance and finding a policy that combines the coverage that you need with reasonable premiums may seem impossible.Read More

  • Student Healthcare

When you pack up and head out to college, you may not realize how much adulthood has to offer you. Unfortunately, there may be financial costs that you have never given any thought to in the past, for instance Health Insurance. However, simply having some isn't good enough, you have to find the right plan for you.Read More

  • Finding Maternity Health Coverage for You

Finding out you are pregnant can be an exciting time! It is important that you know how you are going to pay for your pregnancy. Having the right maternity health insurance coverage is a great way to ensure that you and your baby are healthy and happy.Read More


Unlike many internet insurance sites that simply provide your information to third-parties for subsequent processing, we at US National Health Plan are your insurance brokerage professionals. All business is handled directly by our licensed staff who know your account and can discuss with you the various intricacies of your insurance placement. US National Health Plan represents a number of insurance carriers, all of them well established highly rated financially secure.

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